600 mm Narrow gauge Prototypes

600 mm Narrow gauge Prototypes

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This blog is dedicated to only "Decauville" Railways and other "two-footers" (600 mm gauge railways)

I invite you

Narrow gauge 600 mmPosted by Georg Strømsholt Wed, February 17, 2010 23:38:31

I want to invite you to work together with me about the net-meeting place:


I hope there is someones out there in the "global village" who would like to be the editor of "G-gauge", "I-gauge" or "0-gauge".

In fact the real meeting-place is here on this Blog.

I think it is good to share ideas with many people. Maybe your project will give inspiration to someone who dont have a hobby yet.

The meaning with this site is also that you can put any question about model engineering or railway modelling.

I want to encourage other narrow gauge enthusiasts to participate. Lets get started now!

Lets get on the rail for mutual inspiration and support within this wonderful hobby.

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